isolated notes exposed


HV says (8:59 PM):

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A says (9:00 PM):
maris ?

HV says (9:00 PM):
ez eddig a legjobb
a tobbi fisfoshoz kepest
de megint pendulum
faszom ebbe a csaveszbe

A says (9:00 PM):

HV says (9:00 PM):
es extra cheesy
szertinem attol pendululmos
attol a szar trance lead tol

A says (9:01 PM):
nem is tudom
bar ettol meg lehetne experiences is
junkie xl es is picit

HV says (9:03 PM):
tehat SZAR
de jo izmos
de ez mar az a fajta zene amira aztmondanam hgoy jo legalbb megkozeliti a prodigy-t
de hianyzik belole az a kosz, meg az a kreativitas
amitol MAS lesz a hangzas

A says (9:04 PM):
hiaba.. mar 40 felett nem ember az ember

HV says (9:04 PM):
na ja
nem PUNK
olyat kene csainlnia amit a korahoz valo

A says (9:04 PM):

HV says (9:05 PM):

A says (9:05 PM):
Kör közepééééén álllok

HV says (9:05 PM):

HV says (9:05 PM):
and as an answer to everything, lets hear a song:
im standing in the circle

A says (9:05 PM):
“hallgatunk mostanaban sok pendulumot, jok a sracok, de igazabol most az edda jön be.. magyarok.. nagyon jók”

HV says (9:06 PM):
surrounded by friends
its raw, its honest, it has energy, its hungarian
its edda
and also i listen to a lot of Tsonka Pici altely
the hungarian scene is larger than ever

A says (9:07 PM):
although we cannot understand the lyrics (we’re just started to learn hungarian receently) the melody is speaking for itself

HV says (9:07 PM):
in fact im already co writing a track with Bonanza Banzai
the hungarian Depeche Mode

A says (9:08 PM):
if not the Depeche Mode is the english Bonanza Banzai

HV says (9:09 PM):
and my friend, Cipô, shown me a large amont of great hungarian music
top bloke he is

A says (9:10 PM):
and the scene is just growing. the “hungary wants an idol” was filled with talents. I’d love to work together even with the first guy who left the show
(es beleordit oszinten) OH MY FUCKING GOD!

HV says (9:11 PM):
and in the same region, ive finally met Krupir Vonacsek from the tribute band Cse Igidorp
their debut album Ce musicu cse csupikurtik is of insane quality
No sukar being my fav
its a fab tune
y know whati mean

A says (9:12 PM):
altough is originally in 22000Khz, but it has its glance
you see
techology is not an issue

HV says (9:13 PM):
these guy cant affor a proper synth, still they manage

A says (9:13 PM):
just focus on the LYRICS
the deep thoughts
and the LOVE

HV says (9:13 PM):
Krupir Vonacsek almost burst out in tears when i invited him for dinner
sigh.. top bloke he is too
my new cd will feature a bonus track called Krupir

A says (9:15 PM):
it’s about a lonely potato

HV says (9:15 PM):

HV says (9:15 PM):
y;nkow its really about lyrcs here

A says (9:16 PM):

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